Steel S 355 MC / S 550 MC
DC 01-04
Zinc-plated steel DX 51 D Z 140 MB
DC 01 ZE 25/25
DX 51 D + ZA 150 NA
Stainless Steel X 1.4016 2R
X 1.4301 2B
X 1.4571 2B
X 1.4401
X 1.4541
X 1.4310
Aluminium AW 5754 / Al Mg 3
AW 1050 / Al 99
AW 6082 / Al Mg Si
AW 5005 EQ
AW 5083
Copper E-Cu 57 / Cu-ETP CW 004 A
SF Cu / Cu-DHP CW 024 A
Nickel silver
Tin sheet metal
Extrusion press profiles
Die casting

HA-BE’s standard range covers a broad spectrum of various different types of steel and alloys. With its professional know-how, HA-BE is able to process stainless steel in various alloys along with aluminium and zinc-plated or alloyed steel, as well as nickel silver and tin sheet metal as thin as 0.2mm, or the largest variety of copper alloys.

Depending on individual customer requirements, HA-BE will naturally process other materials as well.