Monitor chassis
19" chassis
HF chassis
Control cabinets according to IP protection types
UL approved enclosures
Heat sinkswith drawn cooling fins
with pressed cooling fins
with glued cooling fins
Welded heat sinks
ColdplatesDeep-hole drilled coldplates
Drawn coldplates
Monitor holders
Display frames
Equipment carriers
Welded components
Component Carriers
Isofix child seats
Industrial PCs
BusbarsAluminum and copper busbars
Plugs for ground connection
High current connectors
Busbar distributors
Front panelsControl panels
Lacquered front panels
stainless steel front panels
HA-BE’s production possibilities encompass a wide-ranging product portfolio in the area of metal processing. Due to the high vertical range of manufacture and the application of innovative technologies, there are virtually no limits when it comes to realising our customers’ specific enquiries.