HA-BE's long-term company development has been set down in its corporate strategy. The focus is on growth, profitability and shaping the company's future. An essential part of the corporate strategy is sustainability. Along the entire supply chain, added value is to be created for the company, the environment and society.

HA-BE's sustainability strategy is based on three vital pillars:

Economic responsibility

HA-BE always acts with foresight and thinks ahead in the long term. The main focus of the corporate strategy is not short-term success, but rather long-term sustainability. Sustainable actions safeguard and strengthen our future potential. HA-BE is a reliable and strong partner for customers, suppliers and employees at all times.

Ecological responsibility

The consistent implementation of the environmental management program is the fundament of HA-BE's ecological responsibility. Resource-friendly production, timely integration of ecological aspects into investment decisions to be made, steady monitoring of all relevant environmental indicators, and the inclusion of the entire supply chain are the core elements of the environmental policy.

Social responsibility

HA-BE's social responsibility is not only limited to its broad social responsibility and social commitment, which includes supporting both recreational as well as competitive sports. In addition, it naturally supports youth studies and people with deprived backgrounds, but at the centre of its social actions are the employees of HA-BE. High standards of industrial safety and health, professional qualification as well as vocational and advanced training contributes to making HA-BE a very attractive employer in the region.