Laser cutting

Bundled, organised light describes the meaning behind the concept "laser". Whether delicate, finely shaped outlines or complex geometries, metals can be cut rapidly, efficiently and accurately using laser technology. Due to smooth and almost burr-free cut edges no additional processing is required. High flexibility without the need for retooling makes this technology particularly suitable for small and medium batches as well as for prototyping. HA-BE uses state-of-the-art laser cutting machines of market leaders. The application of CO2 and solid-state lasers is tailored to the demands of individual customer projects.

Especially solid-state lasers are of major importance in this respect. Considering that it has been almost impossible to process non-ferrous metals and titanium with traditional CO2 lasers so far, the wavelength of a solid-state laser now enables a revolution in the processing of non-ferrous metals.  The high speed of the laser considerably outperforms the punching process and clearly reduces the production time.  In addition, the small laser beam width of 0.3mm makes it possible to maximize the degree of material utilization substantially.